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Tightly Align Your Entire Organization

Organizational Alignment:  Radical focus is when everyone in the organization can tell you the company strategy and exactly how they contribute to it. The team is bought in and aligned. Radical focus is when success is defined in a clearly measurable way and you know in real time if you are on track.  The scoreboard is unambiguous.  Radical focus is when every employee is excited to make progress toward their goals each week.  The drive and energy is palpable.  Today, radical focus must be a core competency of every organization.  

I work with leaders to implement a radical focus framework that: clarifies the business strategy and desired outcomes; implements an OKR (objective and key result) goal setting framework to measurably define what success looks like overtime; and creates a framework for ongoing financial and operational accountability.

Operations:  Scaling an organization requires the right organizational design, operational process, and supportive technology; as well as people who are aware of and motivated to work within those systems in the intended way.  Companies frequently under-invest in developing this operational infrastructure.  This creates organizational debt, making it harder and harder to get stuff done, while frustrating employees and fostering a culture that silently accepts mediocrity.  I work with leadership teams to identify operational bottlenecks and cultural blockers, and then create approaches to address them.

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