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Endurance hiking is the task of scaling as many mountains and hiking as many miles as you possibly can in a single day.  It's my most favorite thing to do.  It's not because I'm attracted to pain. Quite the opposite. I appreciate the opportunity to build the mental muscle to do really hard things without feeling pain.  Further, with each summit, my sense of what's possible grows and my appreciation for the journey deepens.


I've always been attracted to scaling  start-ups and fast growth companies for a similar reason.  It's hard.  It leaves bruises.  That's unavoidable.  But with a resilient mindset, a great team, and the right attention to operational discipline, it doesn't have to be so painful.  And with each new summit, each challenge we overcome, we are a stronger, wiser and more capable than before.  In business and on the mountain, growth and success come through struggle.

My intention in founding 46 Summits is to partner with leaders in start-ups and high growth companies to help them scale their organizations and reach their summits by struggling more skillfully and with greater ease.

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