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Maximize the Value of Your Talent

Talent Management & Performance:  Managing diverse talent and maximizing performance is a critical competency for organizations, especially during uncertain times.  I work with People and leadership teams to design and implement a forward-looking Growth and Impact Review program to drive employee performance and foster a culture of ongoing feedback.

We then create a Talent Review framework that empowers management teams to have honest, thoughtful, and structured discussions about employee performance and potential. As a result, talent plans are created that stretch the strongest employees, refocus those at risk, and reinforce a culture of high expectations.

We incorporate best practices, such as raising awareness of unconscious bias and creating measurement frameworks, to ensure there is equality opportunity for all employees.

Inclusive Hiring & Onboarding:  The single most important task of any company is ensuring it can hire outstanding and diverse talent predictably and with high velocity.  Most companies hire too haphazardly, leading to expensive false positives; or over-index to avoiding false positives, and have too many false negatives, leading to an inability to grow the business.  Further, overly rigid hiring criteria and inattention to unconscious bias creates hurdles to hiring great talent from diverse backgrounds.

I work with organizations to define the employee value proposition, create a hiring philosophy, design a competency-based interview framework, embed diversity and inclusion best practices, and then train employees in the hiring framework. 

Further, hiring isn’t complete until the new hire has been successfully onboarded.  So, I work with People teams to define and implement an onboarding framework that not only accelerates time to value for the employee, but most importantly embeds the cultural norms expected of all employees.

Executive Coaching & Team Building:  I work with senior leaders to help them reach their fullest potential, achieve more with greater ease, and inspire others with authenticity and clarity.  We start by establishing self-awareness with a psychometric assessment and diagnostic review, as well as a proprietary 360 review.  With this baseline of data, we establish goals and strategies to work on together.  When done as a leadership team, the assessment results are shared with the broader group in a facilitated workshop.  The discussion will deepen understanding and respect for one another, provide insights on how to best work effectively together, identify one another’s strengths and weaknesses, and align on action commitments and next steps.

Change Management: Successful businesses are adapting their organizations to changing times.  This includes making complex and sometimes difficult decisions where flawless execution and effective communication are critical to maintaining employee engagement and productivity.  I work with leadership teams to design and manage organizational change including determining what changes should be made, how to execute such change, and how to communicate the change to the employee base.

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